Spartan Ops Continues!

I don’t know about you other there in InterwebLand, but I am looking forward to waking up to a new episode of Spartan Ops tomorrow morning! My man Sal over at HaloFanForLife made a really great post about what to expect in Spartan Ops going forward.
I wanted to supplement his post by adding a few other links of my own as well as some thoughts.

Spartan Ops Ep 6 Mission 3 Commentary with
Spartan Ops Ep 6 Mission 4 Commentary with

I wish I had called this out publicly so that I would have witnesses, but I had a feeling that Vortex was going to be used as a playspace for Spartan Ops. It is a beautiful map despite how many times it doesn’t get picked in War Games (c’mon, people, give Ragnarok a break already…although, looks like Meltdown has had the least amount of love lately). Maybe people will be more encouraged to play it after this episode.
Having a Phantom on our side is a nice change of pace, as well as more options to play through a mission, bigger maps, and opportunities to use vehicles. While I agree with many of the concerns fans have had about Spartan Ops, it makes absolutely perfect sense to me that the first half of Season One was as “slow” as it was. Like any TV show, the first few episodes tend to drag because of narrative and character development establishments. As far as the repeated environments go, I didn’t have as big of a complaint about it as most. I was actually pleasantly surprised to go into the same map but at different angles (case in point being walking into into the Fortress map on “Hacksaw
and later getting dropped into it on “Random Transport”).

All in all, I’m glad 343i is taking fan feedback to heart and I can’t wait to see where this story goes!

2 thoughts on “Spartan Ops Continues!

  1. I’m pretty much on the same page when it comes to the rest of the season – really looking forward to it and how it will expand.

    I agree on the “slowness”/environments as well – things take a while to get going, but I feel like we’re going to look back and be glad we had to wait. For the environments, in order to make it free and space-wise it makes sense that the environments would have to be reused.

    It’s always funny to me how people want repetition, but only certain types of repetition – i.e., reusing some environments – bad. Another Halo game with Spartans in it – good 🙂

    • So very true. What I find most amusing is that the ones wishing for Firefight are the very same ones complaining about the repeated environments. People don’t seem to know what they want these days.

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