Don’t Stop Believin’

Last night I had the honor of playing Halo 4 with a couple of well-known community members, DayandKnightly (from Reactive Bias) and Sal (from HaloFanForLife). I’ve been a fan of their work ever since I started my dive back into Halo so playing some rounds of Team Regicide with them was an absolute treat. The second biggest highlight of the night was when Knightly told me that he’s a fan of my work. As silly as this sounds, a small part of me really did go, “OMGROCKSTAR!” even though the rest of me knew better. It’s not often that someone I admire acknowledges me out of a crowd./end fanboy moment

And now that I am emotionally sober, I find myself thinking, “Holy cow, people are starting to notice me. I better keep this thing going somehow.” LOL

With that said, I am going to endeavor to post once a day unless I have nothing to say (Announcer voice, “RhymeTacular!”)

Reaction to VGAs (Video Game Awards): Congrats to all the winning games! I’m happy Halo 4 won in the categories it did (Best Xbox 360 Exclusive Game and Best Graphics), but at the same time it felt like those were complete shoo-ins (apparently it’s not “shoe-in“) anyway. The only other game I played on the list was Assassin’s Creed III, which remains idle on my shelf while I’m questing for SR-130. My other thoughts about the VGAs were “Did Jessica Alba really play Super Mario Bros or was that script handed to her?” and “Journey’s soundtrack got nominated for a Grammy? Sweet! It’s about time video games get that kind of recognition. Nobuo Uematsu would’ve had a string of those awards by now.” In case you didn’t know, Uematsu is the musical genius behind the Final Fantasy series. Americans may know him best for “One-Winged Angel” from FFVII.

Spartan Ops hiatus: So they’re taking a mid-season break are they? For some reason I’m not worried about players losing interest because of it. I’m hoping it’ll give people time to discuss and digest what they’re seeing and playing (if they’re not playing in the Infinity Challenge, anyway). I’ve read the books so I understand what’s going on, but I still have questions that I know will get answered eventually.

My one bit of social commentary is that technology has made us impatient and downright spoiled in some ways. With the way that information goes around at crazy speeds, I think we’re starting to forget the value of delayed gratification. Yes, I am bummed that Theater mode is not available for Spartan Ops and Campaign, but this too shall pass. I’ll be getting a capture card at some point anyway so it’s not that big of a deal to me.
Personal Halo Moment: First time in 1st place in a War Games matchmaking game! I think it was Team Regicide on Abandon (slowly becoming one of my favorite maps).

And finally, on a more personal note, I will probably not be working at my current job much longer. As early as the 15th or as late as the 30th. It has come to my attention that I don’t have the kind of aggression required for a sales position. As sad for the loss and worried for the future as I am, a part of me is okay with moving on to wherever life takes me next. I just hope that it’s kinder to me this time around.

(Edit: Kudos to anyone who catches any reference between post’s title to what’s been discussed)

One thought on “Don’t Stop Believin’

  1. To borrow from every other movie made, “the honor was mine.”

    Really enjoyed going a few rounds with you, and then you helped us get the last Campaign terminal! Appreciate it man.

    I’m missing Theater mode for Campaign/Spartan Ops as well, but I hope it’s something that makes it into the game via updates.

    Again, great serving on Infinity with you.

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