Halo: A Co-Op Experience

Big mahalo (“thank you” in Hawaiian) to JustCal24 over at Auspicious Eagle and his friend, CIBCSlayer, for playing some Spartan Ops and Campaign with me. Currently I have completed half of the Campaign and the first 3 Spartan Ops episodes solo on Legendary, but really, Halo is meant to be played with buddies. This was the first time in a long while that I felt like a competent, contributing member of the group.

It’s unfortunate that I live in a timezone that’s different from most of the people I play with. C’mon, Hawaii, where dem Halo playas at? (well, the co-op variety anyway…)

In other personal Halo moments: I assassinated a Watcher for the first time yesterday! W00t! Episode 4 Mission 5 is the easiest place to do it without a jetpack. Best place to do it is in the middle room of Galileo base (aka Complex in War Games) when the Watchers hover near the ramp area. Watching this Assassination video inspired me to give it a try. Must invest in a capture card one of these days…

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