Spartan Ops Episode 4 – Didact’s Hand

A little bit of column A, a lil bit of column B…LOL

I just played this episode with my brother, who said “meh”. I liked the surprise in the 3rd mission of getting dropped right into the middle of a Covenant frat party LOL Changes things up a little.

Auspicious Eagle

Episode 4 is live! Watch the latest here.

I’m really excited to fully analyze this thing. There is lots in this episode, expected and unexpected. On the playable side, looks like we’re going on another Elite hunt, but this time we get a present from the Didact at the end!! A little early for Christmas… *shake shake shake* It’s either a time bomb or a Librarian.

They just keep getting better, and as far as the CG side goes, I’m very pleased so far. If the gameplay this week is as good and meaningful as it was last week, I’ll be ready to say I’m pleased with that side as well.

See you on Infinity,

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