Spartan Ops Ep. 4 – Didact’s Hand

Spartan Ops Ep. 4 – Didact’s Hand

Holy cow, this episode is awesome! Click on the link to watch it via HaloWaypoint.

For the last few months I’ve enjoyed waking up every morning to either reading a new article about Halo 4 or watching some video tidbit about the Halo universe. First it was “Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn” and now it’s “Halo: Infinity” (aka Spartan Ops).

A few thoughts before I get ready for work:

  • I knew Gabriel was going to talk about his connection with the New Phoenix incident, but some crazy part of me hoped that maybe he had a personal connection to one of the Spartan-IIs. Oh well.
  • Too bad it wasn’t Dr. Phillips from Karen Traviss’ Kilo-Five trilogy that got stuck with Jul ‘Mdama. I want to hear the guy say Phyliss (a reference to “The Thursday War”).
  • Speaking of which, to those of you who don’t know (mini-spoiler?) Jul ‘Mdama doesn’t agree with the Arbiter about allying with humans and thinks he is weak for doing so. “Glasslands” and “The Thursday War” explain a lot of his back story.
  • Guessing by the blue text, is that the Librarian talking to Dr. Halsey? I sure hope so!
  • …Glassman’s an idiot.

Maybe I’ll try to write more about it later once I play the missions as well.

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