Spartan Ops Episode 4 Trailer

Spartan Ops Episode 4 Trailer

Looks like Spartan Ops is getting more and more interesting. Just like I knew it would.

My immediate first thought was, “Since when did spiritually-jaded Jul ‘Mdama get so full of himself to call himself ‘Didact’s Hand’?” Makes me wonder what Karen Traviss will reveal in her third novel of the Kilo-Five trilogy. It’ll also be good to see more of Gabriel Thorne’s side of things, since it was his briefing packet that was given to us in the Limited Edition.

As an aside, I just re-watched Episode 3 for the the fifth time and only now I picked up that Dr. Halsey dissed the Spartan-IVs TWICE. Once as she’s observing the Artifact and the more obvious one inside the elevator going into Engineering.

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