Something to be Thankful for

I hope everyone enjoyed their fill of turkey and/or whatever variety of foodstuffs you and your loved ones prefer on this day. Today was a day meant to reflect on all the blessings and good fortunes bestowed upon us. It’s easy to get lost in the daily hustle and bustle of work, school, relationships, finances, and all the typical struggles of life. When struggles arise, it’s easy to feel defeated and discouraged. A day like Thanksgiving reminds us that by having an attitude of gratitude we can ride out the waves of life.

It is with this in mind that I am thankful for you, Captain Stupid, for reminding me of why I hate playing co-op modes with randoms. Nevermind that the Covenant were raining down Banshees and Phantoms on our heads, you decided it was in the team’s best interest to bombard me with missile and gunfire for no apparent reason. By continuing to blow up the Mantis that I just happen to be controlling, you’ve reminded me that idiocy is still a terrible problem in our world today. Your brilliant, shining example has made me ever so grateful that I still have my wits about me. Despite the fact that I was thoroughly pissed off by such childish behavior, I have let those negative emotions go and have done the decent thing of not airing out your real gamertag for everyone to troll see.

So the next time I feel sad and lonely playing Halo 4 by myself, I will think of you and be reminded of why I tend to lone wolf my Halo career. You should be thankful too, buddy, that 343i has not given me the ability to boot your ungrateful arse from the game.

(For the record, I usually tolerate random idiots on XBL, but this was the very first time I got harassed by a teammate in Spartan Ops. Bad form, sir, bad form.)

Update: I’ve since learned that people will attack you if you have too many kills on Spartan Ops. Still doesn’t justify their behavior, but at least I know why.

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